Why patience can be-dazzling

Why patience can be-dazzling

Picture this: you walk into one of your favorite stores just to “window shop” (cuz right now you’re trying to stick to that budget!) and you see the cutest pair of  jeans. They’re just hanging there all perfect and calling for you to pick them up! So you grab them and guess what? They’re YOUR size!!:) So you are suddenly giddy and feel yourself slightly dancing. I’ll stop here with the visualization game and just tell you.

I walked into Anthropologie and the above happened. I saw these fabulous jeweled jeans and said (outloud) “Oooh I love those”. I touched them, inspected them, smelled them(yes I’m weird like that), and guess what? They were in my size! I knew they were made for me, like specifically for me, and anyone else who used to bedazzle and still likes a little whimsy in her life. They were MINE!

Now here comes my least favorite part. The price check…womp womp. I read all about the style and name of this pair and where they were made. Everything to make the process of turning the tag around to reveal the price slower. I had a low key tantrum/pout-fest with myself and had to walk away empty handed. Don’t you hate when that happens? It’s so sad. Clearly I’m wearing them so something good happened.

Literally the next week I strolled by and the jeans (among other things) were 40% off! I couldn’t believe it! It reminded me that sometimes with shopping patience pays off. On the flip side the thing you love might be gone if you keep waiting but usually that just means it wasn’t meant to be. It’s hard to walk away from something you love but if it’s meant to be it’ll be. Shopping can teach us such amazing life lessons;) Patience is a really good thing.

I wore my lovely grown up bedazzled jeans with a slightly cropped top and a lace tank peaking out. Golden sparkly booties finished off this outfit of the day.

Jeans-Anthropologie, Top-Free People, Tank-Forever21, Booties-Aldo 



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