Warby Parker

Warby Parker

Is it weird that I always wished I needed glasses? Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for my good eyesight all my life, but I always thought glasses were cool & smart. My Dr recently advised me to get my eyes checked. While I laughed and called her crazy(in my head) I got a little excited at the possibility of owning my very own prescription glasses!! Then, Warby Parker entered my life and it was PERFECT timing. Not only do they have absolutely amazing frames, but their story is even better. They make high quality glasses for a fraction of the going rate, but that’s not even the best part! You buy a pair and they give a pair to someone in need. That fact alone makes me want a Astigmatism so I can shop till I drop!! But don’t fret, all my 20/20 vision friends, Warby Parker has sunglasses:) So we can still experience this awesome company and look hot in our designer frames. Win win! Oh, their at home try on process is so cool. 5 frames for 5 days for free! Need I say more?

My pick- Burke(Tennessee Whiskey)








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