The 4 letter word we use so much

05 Dec The 4 letter word we use so much

You, my love, are my infinite. That’s the sweetest little poem from a poet I like-atticus. It’s the perfect segue for this post. When you drive by artwork like this you immediately smile and pull over, right? Well if you don’t maybe I’m the weirdo, because I do and that’s exactly what we did!!

There’s so much meaning in this beautiful 4 letter word. We use love to express our feelings for everything from music to french fries to shoes to the most important people in our lives. I could go in lots of directions with this, but I won’t. I’ll keep short and simple…

I love








Sweater-Cheap Monday,Jeans-Joe’s jeans(got mine at Tj Maxx), Booties-Aldo, Bag-Rebecca Minkoff




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