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I decided to start something fun, so Tuesdays are going to be Tai’s T-Shirt Tuesday. I will show you whatever lovely shirt I am wearing for that day and I’m super excited! I hope you enjoy!


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  • Figured since my taistshirttuesday is under construction Id share a
    1 year ago Figured since my  #taistshirttuesday  is under construction I'd share a few fun facts about me and introduce myself to my new followers. . 1. My name is Tai (tie) and my mom named me after a famous iceskater back in her day- Tai Babylonia. . 2. I literally woke up one day and decided to go back to school to become a Registered nurse, so that's what I'm currently doing. (Major life decisions typically happen that way). . 3. I can eat Thai food and tacos everyday of my life and be perfectly happy. . 4. Hot pink and like deep raspberry pink are my favorite colors. Which is why the ruby is my fave stone. . 5. I have a crazy amount of road rage, basically everyone's crazy except for me. . 6. I am a true introvert, through and through. So telling you things about myself is sending me into an asthma attack and I've erased and retyped these facts 75 times (Like you cant know me cuz than you would know me). . 7. I act/model and have done some pretty cool jobs. Theres something about being someone else for a while that I do surprisingly well with. I never really talk about this so most people who know me dont even know this. . 8. I'm very laid back but TRY me and I'll either say absolutely nothing or go to level 100 for a minute and then I'm out✌ . Ok so I've said too much, now I'll be in my head for the rest of the day wishing I said everything differently... #taistshirttuesday   #frecklefashionandflaws   #storyofmylife   #tshirt   #tai 


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  • Figured since my taistshirttuesday is under construction Id share a
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