07 Nov Starboy

Have you ever heard of  an earworm? Well I was watching The Today Show last week and they talked about how some songs have a certain melody and they stay stuck in our heads all day! I had never heard of this term before but I am certain I have it for the song Starboy by The Weeknd and Daft Punk. (Click Here to Listen)

As a matter of fact this song has been in my head pretty much everyday since I first heard it. I already have a thing for the stars in the sky, so this button down top was mine the second I walked into TjMaxx. Now, every time I look at it hanging in my closet I start singing “I’m a I’m a Starboy”. It’s funny how songs can not only effect our minds but also our outfits! Subconsciously we’re belting out a melody and somehow someway it’s translated into our clothes. Think about it! I bet at some point you can recall where this happened to you. Go on, take a minute and think…

Maybe after hearing 24K Magic from Bruno Mars you wore (a bit more than usual) gold jewelry. Or, after you listened to Broccoli by Big Baby D.R.A.M you unintentionally wore a shade of green the next day.

Personally this makes me laugh and pay attention to what I’m really thinking about when picking my outfit for the day. Starboy is on repeat still and I’m loving every minute of it. Oh and getting to stand under this massive and so so beautiful Weeping Willow tree for these shots was just a bonus. I  think it’s the best tree to stand under and just look up, whether at the stars or just a perfect blue sky while humming a song.








Top-Just Living  , Jeans-Free People, Bag-Isabella Fiore, Shoes- Pour la Victoire

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