Snow White&Nudes

Snow White&Nudes

This arctic weather has me surrounded by snow. Everywhere I turn there’s mountains of it! So, I decided to get out of my black and fleece lined everything, and into White. Why not, right?(if you can’t beat em, join em) Very rarely do I wear white and/or neutral colors in a monochromatic way. So I figured I’d be Snow White for the day(with a twist of course). I started with this fun fringed top that I just LOVE! Every time I pick it up it makes me smile, want to twirl, and make sharp movements so the fringe can shake. My super soft blazer and white jeans pulled this Snow White&Nude look together for me. Its fun to try something new and be inspired by your surroundings. Sorry for the not so bright pictures. The sun reflects like crazy off the snow, making for a dark tint. But, I kind of like it;)







Top-Piperlime, Jacket-Piperlime(no longer available),Jeans-J.Crew,Shoes-BCBG

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