Pastel in Fall?

Pastel in Fall?

Pastel shades are usually worn during the Spring time. Then promptly packed away for darker shades in the Fall. I’ve often wondered why that is, but I think because it’s just the way it’s always been (kind of like no white after Labor day).I’ve never liked wearing these lighter tones because I’m usually 5 shades paler and pastels just completely wash me out.

When the weather is damp and cold we gravitate to warmer fabrics and colors. Comfort and cozy is the goal. I saw this lavender hoodie and thought: this is so pretty, I want to wear it now but it’s a pastel!

Then I realized I’ve always loved how opposite colors work together. The contrast is always interesting. This cool Lavender hue with black jeans and warm merlot colored booties was pretty for this Fall day. It was something different and who doesn’t like to break the rules? Especially fashion rules.

If you’re someone who loves pastel tones, don’t pack them away just because that’s what everyone does. Wear it with darker leggings or a chunky sweater in a deeper color. Or accessorize like I did with a cozy blanket scarf that screams “it’s Fall”! Just don’t forget to add a little more bronzer to your cheeks, a pastel face is NOT cool.








Hoodie- Zara, Jeans- BDG, Booties- Lord&Taylor(sold out), Scarf- Zara

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