Paris bike tour

25 Jun Paris bike tour

This week I’ve been feeling very nostalgic & full of wanderlust. So, I decided to write about my recent trip to Paris. I was fortunate enough to go with my dad:) Who, BTW, had the time of his life! It was so great to travel and see my dad see things for the first time. While in Paris we took a private bike tour. Not just any bike tour, an electric bike tour! When I first learned we were going to do this, outwardly I smiled and showed excitement, but internally I was hyperventilating and having a panic attack. The reason being, I am deathly afraid of riding bikes. I mean I love spinning and can ride a stationary bike like no ones business! But riding out in the street, park, sidewalk, etc, completely scares me. I’ve thought a lot about this, and I think it’s from a bad fall as a kid. Also, I get super nervous as a driver when I have to share the road with bikers. So, you can imagine my terror when we met our guide and he ecstatically told us what we were in store for and how far we were going to ride. I listened intently, then immediately pulled him aside and shared my fears. He put me at ease and told me to ride next to him, for he would let nothing happen to me. I went from screaming “HELP” to anyone who made eye contact, to screaming “this is the best day of my life” & taking selfies!(It was 4.5 hours) We got to see the secret places of Paris. So so SO amazing!  Stepping outside our comfort zone can bring such happiness. I’m thankful we did this and I got to experience it with my dad(who taught me how to ride a bike). I’m missing this day as I write this, but so grateful it’s part of my story. A MUST if you find yourself in Paris. Oh, ask for Olivier(he’s THE best). Also, I advise wearing overalls, a striped top, red lipstick and a scarf. It made me feel very Parisian;)










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