Love these lips all over me

Love these lips all over me

I saw this top and thought: Yup, I need that but I’m already nervous to wear it! That runs through my mind many, many times when I shop. I think it’s because a lot of the things I gravitate towards have such a fun and whimsical vibe to them, which means totally impractical. How many times do we see things that we absolutely drool over but don’t get because we’re afraid to wear it?

I think this is a pretty common way to feel. I’ve been with friends and they’ll swoon over something so ridiculously cool (that’s so them), but inevitably they put it back. I also had those memories swirling in my head when I saw this crazy lippy button down online.

I cheesed when I looked at it and then I kept scrolling. Came back to it, added and deleted it from my cart several times before finally going through with the purchase. It’s so me! Silly and ever changing expressions.

I paired it with some, equally scary to wear, sheer leggings. Both these pieces I loved but was scared to wear on their own. So, I figured maybe worn together will cancel the fear (of wearing them) out. Like a double negative equals a positive. Get it? I’m not great at math but I do know that exists with fractions.

Yes, I do think this deeply when I shop and when I get dressed.

I hope your take away from my post is: don’t think twice about buying and wearing the things that make you happy.

I loved today’s outfit and I hope it inspires you to pull out those pieces that make your insides smile:)


Top-Romwe (sold out so linked similar), Leggings-Naked Wardrobe, Shoes-Jessica Simpson (linked similar)

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