Lacy summer day!

Lacy summer day!

Happy July 1st! I figured now is as good a time as any to wear this lacy cream top. I promised myself; when it got hot I would pick one day and actually NOT wear black. So, I decided to finally stop skipping over this cute doily looking top and wear it over my comfy flared jeans. It definitely felt fun wearing something I would not normally wear. The whole day I felt like I had a 70’s vibe going on. I was saying things like;’chill, be cool’ and ‘can you dig it’. Ha! (My dad still talks like that sometimes). I’m not sure how many times I’ll stray away from wearing black, but, I will say I felt much cooler in this light and airy combo. Also, I walked with a little more pep in my step!


Top-Champagne & Strawberry, Jeans-Joe’s jeans, Shoes-MRKT, Bag-Rebecca Minkoff

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