freckled leopard

07 Jan freckled leopard

I haven’t done a flawsome post in quite a while now and I figured it was time. The other day I was looking through my closet and the amount of leopard I have is crazy! In fact, I just bought a pair of leopard sneakers, and trust me, I “needed” them. So, I got to thinking, why do I love this fabulous print so much? As far back as I can remember leopards/panthers/jaguars have been my favorite. I would dream of holding them and brushing their hair. Even as a kid I loved their obvious but also quiet strength. They’re not easily intimidated. When I learned that Panthers WERE leopards with a lot of melanin, I loved these creatures even more! I guess technically panthers are flawed. Now I know that I saw myself in them. Even at such a young age I felt we were similar. Not just because of their spots(my freckles), but also because of their shyness. They like their privacy and are solitary beings, not unlike myself. I also like to think that we’re both very introverted. So, no wonder I’m obsessed with this lovely pattern. Its funny how we’re drawn to things and we don’t know why, but, there’s always a deeper meaning. Always. I know it might sound silly, but I feel strong when I wear leopard. They’re master camouflagers, but fierce when they need to be. So, leopard is neutral AND loud all at once! No other pattern can do that. I could write pages on my love for leopard and our similarities, but I’ll stop here. I hope you like my crazy leopard lady look below, I felt flawsome! It was so fun to wear it from head to toe;)



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