Flawsome of the month!

24 Sep Flawsome of the month!

My personal flaw for this month is more of a personality trait and less of a physical attribute. Since I can remember I’ve always been pretty quiet and shy. I don’t like to “make waves” or engage in any type of confrontation. I have trouble voicing my thoughts, my feelings. Even as a little girl I remember wanting to speak up, but not being able to muster up the courage to do so, even at great cost to myself. I had and sometimes still have this immense fear of hurting others feelings, even if I’m hurting. So, I “beat around the bush”, swallow my words, and sometimes I literally cant find the words to express myself. I go blank, kind of a “stage fright” thing. Not that I don’t KNOW what I want to say, or even HOW to say it. I just don’t want anyone to get hurt. Being this way has not served me, or others for that matter. I’m working on changing this flaw I possess. Not everyone will agree with what I say and how I feel, but i’m realizing that’s not the point! To me, in order to turn this flaw into one of my flawsomes, I have to own it and use it to be a better person. So, I’ve been speaking up as my girl Wendy Williams(friend in my head) says, “say it like you mean it”! You don’t have to like it, but as long as you can hear me, I’m finding happiness in that. Say it loud and say it proud! Flawsome!






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