Carmen Sandiego

When I was little I used to love watching Carmen Sandiego. She was ever elusive and always traveling. I imagined I was her, basically playing an elaborate game of hide and seek, but all over the world. When I got this gorgeous green trench I immediately thought: I can have a Carmen Sandiego moment!! (even though her trench was red)The thought of wearing it with a big brimmed hat was so exciting for me. It’s funny how an old memory can inspire an outfit. It kind of felt like I was in a costume, but the more I thought about it, we all pretty much wear costumes everyday. So, why not wear something that makes you feel silly and dangerous at the same time? Carmen was the villain in case you didn’t know, so hence the dangerous vibe. Think about something you loved as a kid and bring it to life through fashion now that you’re an adult. You’ll love it! (I’d love to see so make sure you tag me in your pics)

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Shop the Look: Coat- Leda Spain(Vintage), BCBG Hat- Link, DV by Dolce Vita Shoes- Link

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