A little Sunday Triumph

A little Sunday Triumph

Let me start out by saying my brother in law is the coolest! Matt(my bro-n-law)   knows that I love Motorcycles and was nice enough to coordinate this shoot for me. I’ve been crazy about his Triumph motorcycle since the day he got it.

I remember being little and thinking that one day I want to get my own bike. Well I’m all grown up and I still don’t own one, but at this point I’m not sure my nerves would allow it. How fortunate am I that my sister and brother n law have several and let me ride with them.

I’ve envisioned doing an “out of the box” post, something with some edge to it. Do you ever scroll through social media and see all those cool “how did they do that” or “I wish I could do something like that” posts? Well on occasion that’s me. I’ll see something so different or something I’ve daydreamed of doing and unfortunately I don’t always get around to actually following through. So, on Sunday we just did it! Got in the car and met at our location with the coolest bike EVER! The detailing on this bike is just amazing.

We had so much fun doing this shoot. I felt like a super cool biker babe which is something I will most likely never pursue but enjoyed living it for a day. More than anything I felt so happy that I got to see an idea come to life. That’s really what this post is about. Trying something different for no other reason than…because you want to. Plus, when it’s Sunday Funday you should have fun!










Matt chopped out his Triumph himself. Jacket-Vintage, Jeans-Joe’s jeans, Shoes-Charlotte Russe

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