6 Reasons to be addicted to this Nineties kid outfit

6 Reasons to be addicted to this Nineties kid outfit

Being a 80’s baby nineties kid, you’d think I’d be excited about all the fashion choices from my childhood that are now available pretty much everywhere. For about a year now I’ve been gagging and turning my nose up at most of the 90’s options I’ve seen. One night I laid my outfit out for the next day(as I usually do) and I was so shocked to be standing in head to toe nineties kid attire that next day.

Here’s 6 reasons to be addicted to this Nineties kid outfit:

1- Body suits are extremely comfortable and that’s just the way it is. Especially a full bottom one and not the thong kind;)

2- Camouflage is just instantly cool. Period. Also I loved the movie “1o Things I hate about you”. Go watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

3- Embellished jeans reminds me of Home Ec class and they are super cute. I don’t even think they do Home Ec anymore. That class taught me how to cook, sew and craft and not have to buy everything. We embellished a few of my outfits back then and this pair reminds me of something we would’ve made.

4- Choker necklaces are so versatile. This floral lace design can be dressed up with an LBD, dressed down with a sweatshirt and leggings or somewhere in the middle like I did here. Also, they just feel sexy. LOL for real though.

5- Who doesn’t love a comfortable shoe!? While wedges are usually a 70’s vibe the 90’s did them with more grit and ruggedness. So these black leather wedges with thick leather laces are on point!

6- Last but not least, I LOVED me some Felicity curls! OMG I lived for that show! Do you remember? Back then I had a relaxer so I couldn’t rock my curls. Today I am natural and let them be wild and free.

I seriously could keep going with more reasons to love the 90’s in general but I’ll stop here. If you’re a 90’s kid like me and found yourself hating on all the little kids walking by in the “new style” give it another try like I did. Fashion should always be fun, never forced. So go with it and put on what you feel good in. You may find yourself strolling down memory lane unintentionally and loving it:) Have you tried this trend recently? Tag me or comment below showing me what you wore.








Bodysuit- Forever21, Jeans- Gap, Wedges- Rodebjer, Choker- Forever21, Purse- Coach, Belt- Mine from the 90’s

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