Comfortable travel style

21 May Comfortable travel style

For my last few hours in Rome I needed to be comfortable and ready to hop on my flight. So my outfit needed to withstand the heat, and, also be comfortable enough for my long flight home. I decided my loose fitting Free People T over my Nike dri-fit leggings, and my Zara cap was perfect! I like to incorporate workout wear in my everyday attire whenever possible. These leggings are perfect for walking around, and, keeping you dry and cool. Another double duty item(I love two-fers)! A good T is necessary for any and every outfit if you ask me. So, this cool cranberry one was PERFECT! I love the V neckline and how flowy it is. ¬†During our last stroll in the city, I popped into Zara and grabbed this adorable cap. Don’t you love a fun quote you can show off all day? It makes me feel bubbly and people smile when they read it. I love when I can dress according to my mood AND be comfortable all at the same time( cuz that doesn’t always happen). I hope to get back to Rome one day very soon. Especially now that I know exactly what to pack;) Btw, my dad took these photos, so some are a bit tricky:/;)








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