Womens woman

Womens woman

Lately I’ve been thinking about all the women in my life and even the ones no longer in my life. It’s amazing how your friendships shape you, how they build or destroy confidence, and how they make you grow. My mind has been consumed with trying to figure women, and in turn, myself out. Which brings me to this topic…

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It feels like I’ve been having this conversation with myself for far too long! Today in the shower I had the most awesome debate (with myself) on how some particular ladies I know don’t support and work with other women in this blogging world. It’s already an oversaturated and tricky world to navigate, and requires building relationships and sharing yourself with the masses. As an introvert, this is already super scary for me.

Personally I’ve always loved supporting and showing love to other bloggers and women in general when I see something I like. It baffles me that not everyone is like this. I know bloggers who absolutely knew of an opportunity that would suit me and my brand but they kept it for themselves, even though it wasn’t a good fit for them. Or, some have shared information about a brand or something with someone other than me because they don’t want to see me shine. I also want to say, I really don’t think it’s always intentional. We’re all guilty of being thoughtless sometimes.

Crazy right?

We live in a time where the world is recognizing how smart and capable us women are. We know how hard we work and that we deserve this recognition. So, why is it women sometimes don’t give it to each other?

I think it’s so easy to say “yasssss girl! Let’s support each other and work together” when we’re in groups and in public, but when we go home we don’t follow through. Maybe we feel nervous that this other woman is gong to take the one “woman” spot and there will be no room for us. I just recently posted on instagram an amazing quote that speaks to this from Mindy Kaling (I’ll link it here). Or, maybe we’re overwhelmed and don’t know how to take the first step to show support. I’ve been guilty of not picking up the phone or sending that text to solidify a plan based purely on my own insecurities. I have totally self-sabotaged.

It’s engrained in us as little girls that we have to be better and prettier than all the other girls. This just isn’t true! We need to know that our voice matters and whatever talent some other girl possesses isn’t going to cancel our’s out. To change this cycle some introspection is needed.

Personally, I love T shirts and started my #taistshirttuesday to showcase OTHER peoples T shirts. I actually started out by promoting and sharing other womens businesses by wearing their T’s. If you follow my blog and my instagram you know that this is a passion of mine, and you’ll soon see how I’m implementing this support/share vibe even more.

So, stay tuned and thanks for checking out my thoughts. I see you;) Drop a comment or shoot me an email with any thoughts you may have on this subject.



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  • Linda Moore
    Posted at 21:57h, 12 August Reply

    First let me say I am in total agreement with what you’ve said and how you feel. Unfortunately I’ve had years and years of experience with this issue, it has caused me to stop caring and stop expecting .much from the greater number. I make it happen and the one or two I let in, are the only ones I expect support from and sometimes that doesn’t happen. But I will not let unaware or uncaring woman rain on my parade. Don’t let the negativity of one or many diminish your zeal. They will talk if you Do and they will talk if you DON’T. I Know I haven’t he!ped much but maybe next time ! Never the less I LOVE YOUR BLOGS.

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