Why I jumped into a jumpsuit

Why I jumped into a jumpsuit

That moment when you purchase a jean jumpsuit but you notice it never leaves your closet! Like the time I bought a tight J-Lo inspired jumpsuit and it hung in my closet for 5 years! Let’s be honest, who really has a J-Lo booty? I felt like you could see every nook and cranny of my body and I just wasn’t confident enough, so the tags never even came off.

This one sat for about 4 months before it even saw the light of day.We buy things that look cool on others but when we get them home we become terrified to wear it ourselves. Right? Well, I’ve realized that I do this quite a bit so I made a point to pull this jumpsuit out and do it UP!

This utility style jumpsuit is so comfy because it’s baggy, It gives you so many options when wearing it. You can cuff the legs and/or the sleeves, button it all the way up, or leave some of them open like I did.

Today I decided to dress it up by wearing a sheer corset underneath, strappy nude heels, and topping it off with an extravagant necklace. I wanted to have major “pizazz”! I LOVE wearing seamingly opposite pieces together. It adds flavor and excitement to an otherwise casual and “simple” look.

I think a quiet confidence is needed to rock a jean jumpsuit, because you can run the risk of looking like a mechanic (which BTW I love and need mechanics), I just don’t want people to come up to me thinking I can help them with their car troubles 😉

I hope this post motivates you to pull your jumpsuit out and confidently wear it. Send me pics when you do!



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