Too big? No problem

Too big? No problem

Picture this: You are scrolling through a well known shopping site and spot a sweater with the cutest little hearts on the sleeve. You immediately know you’re going to love it and over gesture when you wear it so any and everyone can see the hearts. So, you add it to your virtual cart and wait with excitement for it to arrive.

When I ripped my package open I was shocked to see that in my excitement of ordering I chose the wrong size. So, what should’ve been a slightly oversized cream puff looking sweater, turned out to be more of a queen sized comforter puff pastry.

After a small panic attack I thought: dress!! I’ll turn this sizing mishap into an adorable oversized dress! Hey, if Kim Kardashian¬†West can walk around in those enormous puffer coats and stuff like that why can’t I?;) Also, I didn’t feel like going through the return process and having to wait for a new one.

I wore shorts underneath and threw on some bright red pumps. Fashion travesty averted! It made me think of so many other pieces I own that maybe don’t fit the way I intended. Too big or even too small, things can be repurposed and worn in different ways. I’m so excited to reach into the back of my closet now and pull out items I’ve been avoiding due to fit.

I love when unexpected things happen and you learn from them. Anything goes in fashion so with this new vantage point I’m going to have some fun with mixing things up. I encourage you to do the same…turn that too short skirt into a layering piece over pants. Or, take that giant dress and belt it for a totally different shape. Have fun and share your outfit changes with me. Tag me on instagram or any of my other platforms, or share it below:)

Sweater- Romwe(I couldn’t find mine but I’ve linked similar shaped sweaters), Shoes- Jessica Simpson, Bag-Deena and Ozzy


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