Skirt and sneakers

Skirt and sneakers

The skirt and sneaker look has been around for a minute and I personally love it! For some reason I just kept thinking, “there’s no way I can pull it off”. My shoulders are too broad and my feet are too narrow, that was literally my thoughts. Do you ever feel that way? You see a style on someone but assume you can’t possibly do it justice. I have lots of these moments.

On a grey dreary day I decided to just go for it. I figured it’s raining and no one will really see me. Here was my thought process: if it doesn’t work than no big deal cuz no one noticed, I could go home and know I gave it a shot. However, if I loved it and no one saw it than I could wear it again. Ha! So a win win!!

There’s something about wearing a fancy shimmery skirt with comfy sneakers. You can run, jump and kick your legs up and not worry about your lady parts because your long skirt is covering:) It’s so freeing and fun!

Give it a go and tell me about it. I love feedback.

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