She had on paper bag pants…Ha!

She had on paper bag pants…Ha!

Truth be told, I didn’t even know this style was called “paper bag pants”. I have no idea who came up with that name but it’s hilarious! I mean, would you think something with a name like that is attractive?

Paper bag pants are high waisted. They’re crunchy/pleated at the top cinching your waist with a belt or ribbon. This style is surprisingly very figure flattering. It covers your tummy, which is always a plus. Your legs will look super long and these pants will take center stage to whatever else you’re wearing. It takes the guess work out of putting an outfit together because your top and shoes can be whatever basics you have.

How comfortable these pants are is A-MAZE-ING. Plus, saying the words “paper bag pants” is so fun:) They’re usually flowy so they can be worn all day long. Here I’m showing how I easily took mine from day to night simply by changing my shoes. If you haven’t tried this style yet…DO IT! You’ll want to live in them!

So, do you think something called paper bag pants can be attractive? I sure do!

Pants-Zara, Bodysuit-Naked Wardrobe, Flats-Mia, Heels-Steve Madden





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