Rebel Ride Indoor Cycling + Strength

Rebel Ride Indoor Cycling + Strength

How many times have you gone to a group exercise class and the music the instructor played was completely demotivating? You got dressed, drove all the way there and all you want to do is go back home. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been so excited to take an indoor cycling class and this has happened. Indoor cycling is one of my all time favorite modes of exercise, so yesterday’s class at Rebel Ride Indoor Cycling + Strength was the answer to my prayers!

When you walk through the front doors you’re greeted with innovation and a friendly staff. You immediately get the feeling that you came to the right place and you’re about to have fun! You will first see Studio B which offers In-Trinity and TRX suspension training. I was lucky enough to have a little mini class before I went into cycling and let me tell you, A-freaking-MAZING! Check out Studio B here.

As you walk past the front desk towards the locker room you’ll see the coffee/expresso and kombucha bar. They have it on tap! Once I stepped into the locker room and saw they had every hair tool you will ever need after a good sweat session, I was IN!

OK, so now to the cycling class. Just walking into the studio makes you want to kick some butt! They have state of the art lighting that feels like you’re in a theatre. I had the pleasure of taking Mo’s class. He pushes you but also encourages you to feel the music and pedal accordingly. I loved how the lights would go down when the music slowed and they would change color and get brighter as the tempo picked up, motivating you to get up out of the saddle and pedal pedal pedal!

Side note: Mo is a Dj so his music was fire!!!

Oh! The bikes. The bikes at Rebel Ride are like no other.

  • They too are state of the art. I had no idea that there were two types of clip in sneakers. These bikes have both, so if you already have your own pair you can bring them. Or, you can rent the sneakers they have for $2 a class( your 1st class it’s free) and there’s also the option to purchase a pair right there in the studio.
  • These bikes are also designed to measure your performance, so you can keep track of your progress.
  • The seats are comfy and easy to adjust. Like SUPER easy to adjust! (I have had some major struggles with seats in the past:/)

I think my most favorite thing about Rebel Ride is that you can pick and reserve your bike ahead of time on the app. No more secret fights in my head with my fellow class takers like “you better NOT take MY bike”! Haha

Check out their pre-opening special packages. These prices won’t last long so hurry hurry. You will love the staff and all the ammenities. Can’t wait to see you there!





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