Moody Summer

Moody Summer

If you’ve known me for more than 5 minutes than you already know, Summer is NOT my season. I generally try not to complain about it but seeing that I have my own blog and all, I’m allowed to say what I feel.

I’ve always known I didn’t love the heat, however, I do love living with all 4 seasons. So, I grin and sincerely try to join in. I pull out my fun summer skirts, flowey dresses, T shirts and lightweight jeans. Dressing for how you want to feel is what I’m all about and this helps me get through my back dripping sweat and my pits not cooperating.

This Summer in Buffalo, NY has been brutal! (yes I am very dramatic but it’s true) We’ve had several heat waves and it’s kicked up my asthma that hasn’t bothered me since I was like 9. Yesterday was literally 90 degrees! But, it’s ok, this too shall pass…and actually at this moment my asthma is chillin so I’m good;)

Anybody else feel the same as me?

Here’s a medley of pictures showing my complete mood all Summer 18′



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  • Linda Moore
    Posted at 09:09h, 28 September Reply

    Cool jeans and you know I love the shoes.

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