How NOT to blend in

How NOT to blend in

People find different ways to blend in everywhere they go. Sometimes they’re just quiet and stand in the background and other times they put on their camouflage and stand in front unnoticed. Camouflage is a super cool print that most people probably have in their closet and can easily be worn as a neutral, perfect for those “don’t notice me but notice me” kinda days.

Camo with pink though? Yes there is pink in the jacket.

I had to have it! It’s like an oxymoron in my mind. Something that’s meant to blend in with your surroundings but stands out with the color pink. Making a quiet day just a little louder.

Blending in with camo is such a comfortable style. It makes for edgy vibes pairing it with jeans, boots, black, etc. Since I love the unexpected, I put my fun tulle skirt with this pink hued jacket. Making a quiet outfit just a little louder!

In order to stand out sometimes all it takes is one small change.









Jacket- Nordstrom, Skirt- LC Lauren Conrad, Tank- Target, Shoes- Rodebjer

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