Goals hopes and dreams

Goals hopes and dreams

I thought I’d try something different this week and talk about what has really been on my mind. I started this blog to just talk and get comfortable outside of my comfort zone. I’ve began to notice a pattern in myself.

  • I tend to keep my goals, hopes and dreams to myself.
  • I get frustrated when they don’t work out.
  • I realize there was someone there that I could’ve leaned on to help complete my original thoughts

Does this sound familiar at all to you? I’ve asked around and there are many people with a very similar process. Enjoy knowing that “we are not alone”.

I am going to use my blog to say the things that I’d love to do, I’d love to see, and that I’d love to make happen. I hope you are willing to join me for the adventure.  Please bear with me as I am a shy little girl when talking about my goals hopes and dreams out loud. Some people may think that they are just silly and “out of this world” but well…they are mine!

  • I plan to work hard every day.
  • I hope to wake up, read, be quiet, exercise and then hit the ground running daily.
  • I dream of sharing my views and voice on things.
  • I plan to help others to smile.
  • I hope to continue expressing myself through fashion.
  • I dream of my T shirt line launching and the proceeds being used for something special, something bigger than me 😉
  • I plan to be completely financially free…meaning NO debt!
  • I hope to finish my children’s book that I’ve been working on for years now, the first page is sooo super cute!
  • I dream of having more coffee dates and work chats.
  • I plan to make getting back in tip top shape and eating better a priority
  • I hope to travel this entire planet, not just because I love to learn and explore but in search of THE best chocolate chip cookie in the WORLD! Yes this is “Out of this world” but hey, it’s one of my dreams. Lets face it, no one has ever done that and it would change LOTS of lives, you know it and I know it ;).I’m giving myself one year to make some major moves in the direction of my silly little (and big) dreams. The shy little girl in me has already tried about 175 different ways to prevent me from even publishing this post.I feel like I’m rambling but isn’t that what some of us do when we are nervous? So as I type this, palms sweaty, hands shaking, heart pounding, I am 100% sure that when I hit publish and close my laptop I’ll be a nervous wreck for sharing this much of myself. I will probably sit and stare at my tv mindlessly or go out and smile awkwardly and way too much to complete strangers in hopes of not revealing nervous tears.However, In all of my discomfort there is equally, if not more, excitement. I have to go for it. I know it with every ounce of my being. I hope this encourages you to activate some of your goals as well. Oh there is 1 goal I forgot to put on the list….
    • I hope to publish a post on Freckles Fashion and Flaws about my goals, hopes, and dreams. 



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