Girl you’ve been blocked!

Girl you’ve been blocked!

You ever sit down to write, giddy with excitement, ready to pour out all the fabulous thoughts in your head…only nothing comes out? Well, that’s been me more often than not lately. I’ve been blocked and it’s driving me crazy…#writersblock

One of the reasons I blog is because my mind is busy. I have lots to say and speaking isn’t my preferred method of sharing. Creating this platform for myself has given me such an outlet not only creatively but emotionally. So this “brain fart” I’ve been experiencing is frustrating.

I’m increasingly getting anxious because this writer’s block is not going away. I wonder if I’m trying too hard but then I think maybe I’m not trying hard enough. It’s like my brain is at war with itself. One side is bursting with great content to share, while the other is literally and figuratively in a fog.

Here are some things I’ve been trying:

  1. Drinking more water (85 ounces a day to be exact). Hey more water is ALWAYS a good idea, right?
  2. Early morning work outs
  3. Reading more
  4. Getting much needed things done around the house
  5. Eating better(MUCH less sugar)
  6. Organizing and then reorganizing my closet

All those things have certainly helped to focus me so I will continue them. By the way, I even sat here and thought after writing about being blocked I’d magically get unblocked. Haha silly me cuz nope!

As I was typing this I realized, I never Googled what to do for writer’s block;) All life’s conundrums are waiting to be solved in Google. The fact that I didn’t think to do that initially shows just how foggy I am.

I’m going to attach a few articles that are seriously so so good!

Writer’s Digest

The Balance

The storytelling nonprofit 

I can’t wait to add some of these things to my day! With it officially being Spring I know my brain will bloom, sooner or later:) If you’re like me, and find yourself struggling, tell me about it. For those of you who have gotten over this “blockage” I’d love to hear how you did. Comment, email me, whatever you like, I’m always down for some good ol’ feedback!



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