Freckles are in!

Freckles are in!

Freckles are in, if you don’t know you better ask somebody. I’ve noticed a real change in how people view them in the last couple of years, and at this point I can confidently say Freckles have had the ultimate “glow up”:) Freckles have gone from a Flaw to Flawsome! Friends and family send me articles all the time about it, I’ll link several articles throughout…

Buzzfeed– Freck yourself, a smudge proof stencil to place anywhere you want. Watch the video I included.

Most articles I read have pale skin and red haired beauties depicting freckles. So I love this article showing black women like me, my sisters and my friends.

How Freckled Black Women Are Rewriting the Pippi Longstocking Mystique 

Elitedaily has an awesome article on why freckles are special. It’s a hilarious and great read.

When I was younger I rarely got compliments on my freckled face. In school kids let me know they didn’t like them, and even as an adult I’ve had make-up artists cover them up(without me asking them to do so).  Armauni.com recently published an interview with me where we spoke in detail about this exact experience.

The most interesting thing that I’ve read people are doing is getting freckles tatooed on their faces. Talk about commitment! I’m now at a place where I like my freckles and actually am thankful for the exact placement of my brown specs. They cover a multitude of blemishes at certain times of the month if you catch my drift;) So I can definitely understand the appeal. Allure also did a nice article on this new trend.

I’ve been seeing so many cute makeup tutorials that do things to enhance or add freckles. I want to try all of these BTW:

  • paint gold/silver flecks all around
  • add little fun decals to enhance your freckle pattern
  • how to stencil in different sizes for a natural look

It’s crazy how things can come full circle in life. You can develop something that maybe only a few or no one else has. Making us feel self conscious and uncomfortable. For me, I always felt like people were staring at mine. Being that I have spots on my face I couldn’t tell if they were super interested in what I was saying, or trying to figure out if the one on the tip of my nose was a booger! Haha. I can joke about it now but trust me, MAJOR insecurity.

All in all this trend makes me smile. Nowadays, I can just walk into a store and someone will pay my freckled face a compliment. Kids innocently ask me why I have spots on my face. (Try explaining freckles to a toddler!) In turn, I love stopping kids and gushing about how much I love their freckle pattern. It’s usually always met with a bashful smile, but I hope to be boosting self confidence one freckle at a time(insert winking emoji).

So, wether you got them from your DNA or some other form of application, let em shine! Embrace this special moment freckles are having and wear them with confidence.


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  • Shannon Teasley
    Posted at 15:42h, 24 March Reply

    I’ve had them all my life and no the rest if the world is embracing my beauty signature. Freckles Unite! Beautiful!

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