Dads Vintage Frames

Dads Vintage Frames

Sometimes a good pair of shades is all you need. These Dads Vintage frames are perfection! They’re comfortable and fit my face just right. What a fun process I had in choosing them, I went and tried on tons of great vintage frames (they have lots of options). Once I fell in love with these, I designed the exact shade/tint of the lens.

I wanted to keep with the vintage-y vibe of these beauties, so I went with a brownish ombre on the lens. It feels like I just stepped out of a 60’s/70’s flick when I wear them. If you’re looking for one of a kind shades, a custom experience at a great price point and want to work with the sweetest people…go to Dad’s Vintage Frames.

Tell them I sent you;)


Sunglasses- Dad’s Vintage Frames

T shirt- Deerdana

Jeans- Gap

Shoes (sold out but similar)- Zara

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