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I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my own flaws (my friends and family might say a little too much). But that’s what I do; I am quietly introspective about my place in the world. I am nothing if I am not flawed. Through fashion I learned that I could use my flaws to build my character.

I have always been drawn to fashion. The colors, the patterns, the textures, the cuts- I get so excited thinking about the endless possibilities. As a little girl getting dressed was my outlet. I have always been shy, but putting together an ensemble was how I expressed myself. Every night I meticulously crafted my school clothes into outfits that explored my budding style.

But in the beginning, this was not so easy. There was a time I used to wish my freckles away. I wanted to be like everybody else, and most kids I knew didn’t have such flashy sun marks. I used to find ways to hide myself and blend in. Agonizing over one imperfection or another eventually stifled my artistic expression. I had to learn to stop comparing myself to models or celebrities because fashion is about putting yourself out there.

So here I am, a freckled-face introvert, exposing myself to the world because I love fashion. I love my freckles. I love my flaws. In the posts sometimes I get a little cheeky about my parts (see what I did there). That’s because I will always be that shy little girl, but I want others to accept their whole selves, flaws and all.

The words of Oscar Wilde could not be truer. He said, “Be you; everyone else is already taken.”

So enjoy my fashion diary as I explore my super cool hometown of Buffalo, New York, and the rest of the world, while showing you a whimsical style for every occasion.


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